PC Stone


La piedra

El distraído tropezó con ella El violento la utilizó como proyectil El emprendedor construyó, con ella El campesino cansado, la utilizó como asiento Para los niños fue un juguete David mató a Goliat, y Miguel Ángel le sacó la más bella escultura En todos los casos la diferencia no estuvo en la piedra, 
sino en el hombre
No existe piedra en tu camino que no puedas aprovechar para tu propio crecimiento


PC Stone is a company created from the experience and passion of professionals in the natural stone sector. A long family tradition.

Based in Valencia, Spain and Carrara, Italy, we represent the latest generation of a family dynasty completely dedicated to natural stone, which has made our work a way of life.
We work internationally with the best quarries in the world. We can therefore guarantee our customers a wide assortment, the best materials, colors, and a personalized service that guarantees the highest quality.
We have preferential agreements with each of the quarries, which allows us to be flexible and adapt to any change or unforeseen event during the purchase process, always offering a quick response to the customer.



Selection of materials

We provide you with our extensive knowledge and experience in the sector, advising you, from the very first moment, in the choice of the most suitable materials for your project. To this end, we take into account the physical and technical characteristics, the colors, and the production capacity of the quarries.

In addition, we will offer you one of the widest assortments in the market, considering that we work with hundreds of quarries all over the world.


We carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the work done to the materials in all its phases, ensuring that everything is done in compliance with our quality standards, from the beginning of the process with the cutting of the block to the packaging of the finished pieces.

Raw material supply

We select materials directly from the quarry anywhere in the world.

Value for money

You set the quality you want, and we take care of finding, among all the quarries we work with, the most competitive price.

“No existe piedra en tu camino
que no puedas aprovechar
para tu propio crecimiento.”