PC Stone

Experience and love of natural stone


A long family tradition in the natural stone sector

Connected with the stone trade for generations, we work internationally with the best quarries in the world, especially in Carrara, Italy, our homeland. As a result, we can guarantee our customers a wide assortment, the best materials, colors, and service.

In addition, due to our worldwide preferential agreements, we are able to achieve the best value for money.

Exceeding your expectations is our goal

Meeting a customer’s expectations is good, but exceeding them is even better, which is why we work every day to make our service more than just a purchasing process. We work to make every customer’s experience unique.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it.

We have a wide assortment, so it’s virtually impossible that you won’t find what you need, but if you do, don’t worry: we’ll find it for you.

We want long-lasting relationships and long-standing customers

We want to be your supplier of choice, so it is essential for us to create relationships with our customers based on trust and respect.

We don’t work with numbers; we work with people.

Quarrying, processing, and sale

We control the entire process to ensure that we meet the standards set by our quality team

Tailor-made projects for each client.


Over the years, and after having a wide range of clients such as construction companies, architects, artists, or designers, among others, we are fully aware that each client has specific needs. Therefore, we adapt our work to the needs of each of our clients, offering a personalized and customized service.

The rock

The absent-minded man tripped over it.
The violent man used it as a projectile.
The entrepreneur built something with it.
The tired farmer used it as a seat.
For the children, it was a toy.
David slew Goliath, and Michelangelo created the most beautiful sculpture out of it.
In each case, the difference was not in the rock, but in the man.
There is no rock in your path that you can’t take advantage of for your own growth.

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